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Hot Rods and Hot Wheels Page

Welcome to my page. I hope you find this both interesting and fun!

Hi, this is me.........well, almost. I love Hot Rods and Hot Wheels.

I also do classic auto restoration and have my own sign painting business. What a life!! By the way, these things are my hobbies. My real job is teaching high school art classes.

Some of the cars that I am currently working on include a 1923 Model T Ford touring that I am restoring for my neighbor, a 1948 Chevrolet pickup that I am turning into a convertible (street rod), a 1937 Dodge coupe that is my wife's car (it needs the upholstery finished yet), and a 1936 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery that my step-daughter inherited from her dad.


Currently this page is under construction. I will be adding photos as I get the time .

Hot Rods, Cars, Projects